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Accumulate inventions and groundbreaking ideas so as to develop and outshine other players. Tactics, opportunism and daring will be your key to victory!

Game Play Overview
Innovation relies on Innovation cards that represent key discoveries in Human history. These cards come in five different colors and enable players to increase their gaming options and provide them with Resources. Cards also features Dogmas that reflects the ideology of a civilization at a given time; they are either Cooperative Dogmas from which opponents may benefit and Supremacy Dogmas that serve to force a player’s demands on opponents

On their turn, players can play two actions among the following options: draw, play a card, activate a Dogma and dominate a card.

Cards are played by placing them face-up on top of one’s own piles (one per color), so only five cards can be active at the same time. However, cards underneath can be splayed by certain Dogmas to increase a player’s Resources (shown on the edge of Innovation cards), enhancing the power and resilience of this player’s civilization. Resources make it possible to benefit from other players’ Innovations, boost one’s attacks and protect oneself.

Dogmas enable players to win the necessary Influence points to Dominate Periods. Being the first to dominate a specific number of Periods and/or Domains leads to instant victory, as well as meeting the conditions of certain Dogmas, or simply
having the most Influence points at the end of the game.

• Civilization game that lasts less than an hour!
• Exceptional illustrations
• Very high interactivity
• Deluxe box with magnetic sealing

• 4 Boards/Game aids
• 105 Innovation cards
• 5 Influence Domain cards
• 1 rulebook

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